Kaiser Encore (Universal)
In-Ear Earphone
Kaiser Encore is the successor to Noble’s previous award-winning flagship IEM, the Kaiser 10 (K10).
The Encore retains the musical essence of the K10 and features a retooled midrange that provides additional clarity and more accurate tonal balance while still integrating seamlessly with the rest of the audio spectrum.
Improvements in midrange response contribute to a larger soundstage and presentation compared to the K10 with more precise imaging and superior spatial representation.
Encore features proprietary Noble drivers throughout which bring additional refinements to the piece, as well as precision machined creative aluminum housings designed and manufactured locally in California.
10 proprietary balanced armature drivers per side
Updated Noble universal form factor and geometry featuring creative precision machined aluminum housings
Sensitive enough for use with smartphones as well as portable amps and DAPs
Hand-assembled and matched
Detachable cable with industry standard 2-pin configuration
Manufactured in California